Microsoft decided to launch an experiment; to find out what people would think about Windows Vista, if they didn’t actually know they were using Vista.  So, they invented a fake OS name for Windows Vista called ‘Windows Mojave‘ and pretended that it was a top secret build of the next Windows OS.  It was basically just Vista with a different box.
They then asked people to play around with Windows Mojave – and give their feedback.  The users all claimed before using Vista, that Vista sucked.
Then, after using Vista for a while, in the belief that it was Windows Mojave, they universally loved it!  You can see what happened here.

The Mojave experiment was flawed

The problem with the Mojave experiment is that it didn’t actually address the problems people have found with Vista.  For example; the testers were using Vista on a pre-installed machine and didn’t have to worry about software compatibility.  Equally, there were no driver issues - though it seems that the vendors have now sorted that problem out.  It always pissed me a bit that Microsoft were blamed for the driver issues, when it was the vendors that caused it.
To make the Mojave experiment work, they should have let people take Vista home and use it on their primary PC for a month and THEN ask what they thought!

Mac, Linux, XP and Vista

As a Mac, Linux, XP and Vista user, I get to see all the major OS’s every day.  I love OSX and the 3 year old PC I run Linux on is still running faster than the 8 month old machine that I use for Vista.  That said, I have Vista Home Premium installed on a laptop, which has been running rock solid since I bought it last November.
The Vista laptop gets used most days and has also been virus and malware free.  I have no issues with it – but still cannot use it as my primary business laptop PC, because some of the specialist marketing software I use will not work correctly with Vista.

The point?

The Mojave Experiment is a fun idea and it does address some of the unfair flack aimed at Vista, BUT it could have been a far more powerful tool if Microsoft had given these users more time and got them using the software at home on their main PC.  As such, I see the Mojave experiment as a missed opportunity.

on Thursday, October 22, 2009
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