Remember the slotMusic format? That is a different way of deliveriing music, using microSD cards instead of CDs. With flash memory prices continuing to drop, it was only a matter of time until movies and DVDs would start being delivered the same way.

On Monday, Kingston and Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) announced a new delivery system for movies, on flash memory rather than optical media. Kingston, you might recall manufactures memory, SSDs, and flash memory, while PDE is a division of (what else) Paramount.

According to the press release, the movies will be supplied on Kingston media in as part of bundle packages and for sale. The first such movie, "Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen" is currently available at all OfficeMax stores for $29.99. Customers receive this movie on a 4 GB Kingston Data Traveler drive; there is extra space on the drive that can be used for personal storage.

It's unclear exactly how much storage is left on the drive, but users obviously shouldn't expect Blu-ray quality video. After all, a single-layer DVD is 4 GB in size; that is how most (ahem) ripped DVDs are burned by users.

Meanwhile, a dual-layer DVD is 8 GB. You can see, you are obviously losing quality, just vs. regular DVD. much less Blu-ray. One good thing is you can count on the drives themselves: Kingston Data Traveler drives have a five-year warranty and 24/7 tech support.


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