If you are subscribed to "n" number of blogs inside Google Reader (or FeedDemon) but have the time to consume more content, Google Reader offers an interesting feature for you called Recommended Feeds.

It works something like this. Google Reader looks at all the feeds that are you currently subscribed to and then, like any other music recommendation service, it generates a list of new feeds that may be worth adding to your reading list.

It does this by comparing your interests with the feeds of other Google Reader users similar to you. If you are someone like me who prefers reading feeds inside FeedDemon (for various reasons), the good news is that you can now get these "recommendations" directly inside FeedDemon without having to visit your Google Reader page.

recommended feeds from google reader

Nick has released a new build of FeedDemon that includes this useful feature (among other performance enhancements I guess). You can select Reports -> Recommendations under the "View" menu of FeedDemon to see the full list of feeds that have recommended by Google Reader for you.

You can subscribe to any of these feeds directly inside FeedDemon or dismiss a recommendation by clicking the "not interested" link and it will be subsequently removed from FeedDemon and Google Reader queue as well.

on Thursday, December 17, 2009


  1. India is growing very fats in technology but main thing is that the peoples of India are still very Poor!

  2. Amazing work by Google. Gooogle will never be down.


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