Do you want to place a comment counter on your blog? Now you can do so with Liz Strauss Comment Counter. It is a Wordpress Plugin. It is a highly configurable “Internet badge” that shows the number of comments your WordPress blog has. Use it either to show off how social your blog is, as an incentive for commenter’s to be part of it, or just because it’s fun. Apart from it’s easy to configure colors, typeface, and text to show.

  • Performance: the plugin generates a static image every time a comment is left (or an admin moderates one). The benefit is that, when showing the badge, nothing dynamic is generated on the fly by the webserver. 
  • Failover: if for some reason your server was not able to generate a static image (write permissions or whatever) the plugin falls back to generating the badge on the fly, so you always have something to show.
  • Minimal overhead: state of the art code that loads only when needed, and the plugin adds a grand total of zero extra database query.
  • Compatibility: the admin interface either runs as a widget (with no extra “Settings” page created) or as a traditional plugin.
  • Flexibility: just like your Feedburner badge, except there’s more options!
  • Neat interface: one click color presets, killer Farbtastic color picker, and cute FamFamFam icons
  • Ready for translation: polyglots, a .pot file is included. If you happen to translate the plugin, be sure to send me your work so I can include it in the archive! (Please send your .mo and .po files to ozh at planetozh dot com)
  • Fun: well yes, it’s just fun to show how many comments you have.
Screenshots of the admin interface
General view of the interface:


Super hot color picker :


Color presets if you’re not sure what colors to start with:

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  2. Word press is getting more advance then blogspot


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