There are alot of social networking plugins for Wordpress CMS. But here are my top 5 favorite Social WordPress Plugins… )

  1. SimpleTwitter – It allows Wordpress blog owners to add Twitter messages to their templates. Once installed, the plug-in is used by adding the following call in a template.
  2. ShareThis – This WordPress plugin provides a quick, simple to use, and unobtrusive way for users to add your post to many social bookmarking sites, or to send your post link via email, AIM, Facebook, MySpace and more.
  3. Stumble Reviews – Add the reviews that appear on StumbleUpon for a given page to be displayed on that page.
  4. Digg Digg – Integrate Digg Button into Wordpress Content, Setup screen provided to let user choose where user want to display Digg button.
  5. Social Bookmarking RELOADED – Add the social bookmarks service’s icons to your articles in your blogs in order to submit them easily. Plugin based on Apostolos Dountsis one.


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