If your work has you out of the office more than you're in it, you know the value of tools that help you stay in touch. With the iPhone by your side, you don't need to haul a laptop everywhere you go.

In this collection of apps, you'll find tools for getting work done on the road, keeping in touch with coworkers, and getting quick information. Best of all, every app in this list is free.

That means you can try them out at no risk: keep the ones that help your business and delete the others. Your work is crucial, and a free iPhone app is a top-notch assistant.

free iphone apps for travelers 

1) Documents Free: A lightweight office suite with a spreadsheet, text editor, file browser, and Google Sync.

2) DocWrite: Dictate into this app and it will transcribe your notes and store them for you.

3) iAnywhere Mobile Office: This app extends Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange to enterprise iPhone users.


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