It might be argued that the last thing we need is more games on the App Store, but US tools company Gendai Games is about to make it even easier to develop iPhone games thanks to its GameSalad technology.

Launched a year ago, as a beta product, GameSalad is an open platform that enables non-programmers to create games for iPhone, the web, and social networks such as Facebook.

The application is available as a free download and combines the under-the-hood complex algorithms necessary for implementing artificial intelligence and gameplay with an easy-to-use interface that doesn't require any programming knowledge.

It also hooks into a development community so you can collaborate with other users, both in terms of game design and and implementation.

The formal release of GameSalad will finally enable you to sell your games on the App Store.

"We're at an extremely exciting point in our company's life," says Gendai Games' CEO, Michael Agustin.

"The number one feature that everyone has been clamouring for is an easy, more intuitive way to create a game for the iPhone. With GameSalad's visual-based logic system along with its drag-and-drop interface, we are poised to make that a reality."


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