Griffin Technology designed a multi functional accessory for all iPhone users. AirCurve is an acoustic speaker that turns your iPhone into a powerful alarm clock or a mini sound system being able to be used without batteries or adapters. It's clear, simple and enough elegant to give your device a nice visual appeal.

As simple as its design looks, it succeeds in collecting the sound from the built-in speaker of your iPhone, apmplifies it by about 10 decibeles and projects in into the room. The construction is enough solid using a sturdy polycarbonate material with metal hex-screws in the corners holding it together.

The soft silicone fabric for the dock offers a perfect fit on your iPhone. What's great about it is that allows syncing or charging your device using Griffin Dock Cable or the one who comes with the iPhone. The AirCurve is a good option for nightstand or tabletop.

The see-through translucent polycarbonate body lets you admire the curves inside that do all the job. A powerful and qualitative accessory with a special price offer available on Amazon.


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