So I am a proud new iPhone owner! I don't know why I didn't get this thing sooner (actually, I do know why.. because they weren't on sale until now). One thing I have discovered is that it actually serves many purposes! One of those is entertaining and hepling to educate Graham.

Here is a list of the FREE iPhone apps for preschool/toddler aged children that I think are worth the download!

1. Toddler Teasers Shapes. This one is my favorite! Graham loves this quizzing shapes game that rewards kids with "stickers" when they have completed certain levels. A voice asks the child to identify a certain shape. If the child selects the correct shape the name is announced and there is applause and hoorays! If the child selects the wrong shape the name is still announced and the shape disappears.

2. FirstWords Sampler. This app has the picture of the item that they are spelling. The child actually moves the mixed up letters into the matching blocks to spell out the word. A voice tells the letters and the word. There are 8 different words in the free version.


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