The official news was presented by the guys from Engadget, who are present at this huge event. So, all you, iPhone users, take a good look at this new dock. It's classic, elegant and it comes with a rather handsome 500GB external drive.

Although iPhone Accessories market is full, there is always room for some innovation, so this small product from Buffalo is welcome. We found this accessory quite useful, practical and with a cute design in the technology world.

As those from Engadget announced, the price for the product is for $250. It comes also with a LinkStation Duo NAS having two drives included, priced at $500 for a 3TB set, $340 for 2TB, and $230 for a pair of 500GB drives. Besides these, it seams it will be a MediaStation 6X portable BluRay writer yet unannounced that will be making its debut in March for $250.

Quite interesting Buffalo's new products; now, let's see how many iPhone users will rush buying one of these.


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