Comfort Reader - read speedly artwork Comfort Reader – read speedly
Michael Schlauch

Genre: Books
Price: Free
Release Date: February 06, 2010

***free to celebrate the revolution of reading***

Comfort Reader is a simple but powerful ebook-reader that accelerates your speed and improves comprehension by dividing the text into logical segments. This is the full version.

Are you tired of buying books that are already public-domain in the bookstore? Are you also tired of turning pages, squeezed text with many rows and the headaches caused by what normal e-reader apps currently have to offer? Comfort Reader takes e-book reading to a whole new level by using the resources that an iPhone/iPod Touch has to offer. It's concept is to take as much work as possible from you while you read.
It looks at the structure of the text and segments out for you phrases and peaces marked by punctuation characters. You read one peace at a time and don't get distracted by the rest of the page. It's like the author of the book is speaking directly to you: phrase for phrase, thought for thought. You decide how many words per minute you want to read. Comfort Reader waits the exact time you need before displaying the next peace automatically.
This approach accelerates your reading speed by addressing the main causes that slow down reading according to scientific research:

? prevention of re-reading sentences that you've already read
? no more forcing your eyes to outline strange figures: there is only one phrase to look at
? phrases instead a fixed amount of words reveals the structure of the text at a glance
? less work means more concentration for you on comprehending the text
? learn to stop subvocalization easily by increasing the displaying speed (wpm)
? no more distractions: no turning pages, no finding the right row, no weight in your hands

What is more, in Comfort Reader you can take notes like you would do with paper, save them and send them per email. It supports Google Translate of any language with real-time translation. Import texts from all over the web by submitting an URL of a txt file or search manually in the integrated web browser. Also Copy&Paste if you want. There is no limit of the displaying speed. If the displayed phrases seem to short for you, you can set a minimum amount of words that are displayed.