While we were looking for some new iPhone Accessories, we discovered another "unusual" (for us) utilization for this smartphone. It seems iHandstick makes its job pretty by giving the iPhone all the functionalities for a gamepad feel. It is compatible also with iPod Touch 2G and 3G.

The device has a funny but compact design with a soft rubber material for a smooth touch feel. So, it can be ideal for long sessions of gaming. It comes with two different frames fitting your iPhone or iPod Touch. The method of installation is easy, you just insert the phone in the place.

The only inconvenient seems to be the lack of a D-pad and buttons. Probably not to comfortable managing the iPhone with the touchscreen. Maybe a physical keyboard is requested for all those action games. What effects will have this little gadget on the market? We will found out soon.

If you consider it useful, you can order it for $ 16.99 including shipping too. A reasonable price.


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