Probably not as famous as Bose or Griffin, but for sure something new. s-Jays from the Jays series are one of the first earphones that use the Siren armature technology. The manufacturer brings a modern design mixed with functionality for one important purpose: to deliver sound system on a high quality.

But what's so special about the Siren technology, you'll say? Unlike other iPhone Accessories, these in-ear earphones are different. The revolutionary technology consists in a tubeless, round balanced armature which delivers a great capacity than other for a very dynamic sound system.

You don't have to worry anymore for the noisy environments, because these accessories help you enjoy only the music you are listening, excepting any external sounds. Using a soft yet flexible silicone material and foam sleeves that reduce the sound up to 40dB, without need to increase the volume or hurt your ears.

Keep in mind that the earphones come with a range additional accessories: stereo splitter, flight adapter, carrying case, extension cord and more, excellent for your iPhone. As you can see in the above picture, there are two colors available: black and white.

If you find them fitting your iPhone, you can purchase from Amazon on a special price offer with 9% discount.


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