Designed for all generations of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Classic, Livespeakr is an ultra-portable speaker system that features rich sound quality in a compact package. Small but powerful, it is also a dock that holds the iPhone at great viewing angles for either watching videos or listening to music. The feet of the stand are rubberized to keep it perfectly stable and avoiding any slip.

The sound system is powered with a 16 hour internal rechargable Li-ion battery. It can be recharged using the included power adapteror USB cable. The fundamental design is quite spectacular. A plastic cradle into which you can clip the iPhone, attaches to a central unit by four slider pegs. Those two speakers are also attached to the central unit via retractable sponsons.

The low profile design allows you to carry it anywhere you go, even in your pocket. Don't forget that the stand is perfectly adjustable and folds up while travelling. At just 12.8 ounces, DGA Livespeakr speakers boast high quality sound being able to concur with larger systems.

As an ultra portable speaker system, the Livespeakr is quite clever and multi functional. It you don't find this black color appealing, you can opt for the white one. For a device of its type is worth the outlay. You will find it on Amazon website on a special price offer with 50% discount.


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