These must be the best iPhone Christmas gift, they sure are the funniest iPhone accessories i've seen in a while, and it might take some time untill someone will manage to surpass these.

No they are not what you are thinking! Although the same thing crossed my mind, and I am sure the mind of most people that saw these "phone fingers". What are they exactley? Well, some black latex (stop giggling) finger covers, to protect your iPhone from fingerprints and smudges. See? That's a decent use. You might actually need them! But i bet you wouldn't be caught dead wearing them!

And that's where the catch is!
You don't want them, they are hilarious, so ... they are the best joke Christmas presents for your iPhone lover friends! And at EUR 9.99 a pack of 25 you'll have enough to fool all your friends, family and school mates, and still keep some for personal use. On your iPhone!!!

Disclaimer: We are not sure these things are for real or just an elaborate joke. Verify for yourself before you order! Also you must know that the things are called "finger cots" and are used in the tech industry for years! Just not in public!


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