Let’s be honest, have you recently played an Audio CD? In case you’ve got an iPhone, i’m sure your answer is NO. Like most people do, you probably forgot about your expensive CD collection where you certainly can find many albums that have a special meaning to you.

All of us got plenty of CD's somewhere in the closet, covered with dust. But what can you do today with those cd's, when everywhere you go, people are talking about mp3's and not about audio tracks anymore?! CD's definely aren't trendy anymore, but the Audio tracks saved off them will get their charm back, just if you would find a way to get them on your iPhone.

Sure you can convert them yourself, but, leaving aside the fact it requires some technical knowledge, it is really time consuming! And if you have a large collection of more than 200 CD's like I do, it will take ages to convert all tracks to MP3's.

It would be nice if someone could do this for you, and in a short time. But wait, there is a way to do this, and even a very easy and fast one: Riptopia CD Ripping and iPod Loading Service is everything you need to take the Audio tracks off your CD's and upload them on your iPhone.

This service allows you to make MP3's from any music CD in few easy steps:
- place your order and you will receive everything you need to pack your CD collection.
- load your CDs onto the spindles, seal the box and ship.

In few days you will receive your new digital music library on data DVDs, along with your original CDs. Finally, upload the music on your iPhone.

MP3s from Riptopia have a higher sound quality than digital music sold online – that’s one of the main reasons people chose this service. They work with all iPod models, iPhone and third party MP3 players.

Besides bringing all your CD collection on your iPhone, this wonderful service will also help you recover CDs that appear to be unplayable, bringing old memories to life.

They are available at Amazon.com in three packages ( for 50, 100 and 200 CD's).


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