Top 40 Free iPhone Music AppsIts easy to forget sometimes that the iPhone is also an iPod, but with the ever growing collection of music applications, you can get yourself an endless supply of music for “the best iPod yet” (as Steve Jobs like to say).
The iPod Touch and iPhone can give you as much free music as you can handle with the following 40 applications we’ve gathered up for you. We also included a few free ones that can help you figure out the lyrics are to your favorite songs, or even help you identify a song you hear on the radio. Why not turn your iPhone into the ultimate music machine?
Please note that all of these links go directly to the page in the iTunes store so clicking them will launch iTunes.

iPhone International Music Applications

95.8 Capital Radio: A top radio station from London, England.

Classical Philippines Radio: Plays a selection of classic Philippines musical styles

iBZH: Five radio stations serving all of the Brittany territory and surrounding area featuring a mixture of music and news.

Life Radio: Life Radio is the number one radio station is Austria, and this application features multiple streams from the popular station including 1980’s, love songs and more. Mobile: An app featuring streaming music from Swiss musical acts and information on upcoming gigs around based on your iPhone’s GPS location.

RadyoD: A privately owned radio station in Turkey streaming music and news from the country 24/7.

RMC2: Radio Monte Carlo comes out of Italy and features portions of the programming in English and Italian.

Rock Antenne: Broadcasting out of Germany, Rock Antenne broadcats in English, German, Italian and

SlowTurk: A Turkish station broadcasting nothing but love songs.

iPhone Lyrics Applications

Lyrical: Lyrical will automatically find the lyrics for the song you are listening to as soon as you launch it. The app will also let you search for lyrics for songs not in your library by entering the artist, song title or even just a few words from the song.

LyricMate: Powered by LyricWiki, LyricMate will show you lyrics for a song you are listening to, cache lyrics for offline reading and more.


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