Apple has some more good news to share with you post the iPad launch. In a recent company announcement, Apple has revealed that it has done away with the restrictions that earlier prevented VoIP iPhone applications from working over 3G. iPhone enthusiasts are elated as this will unleash newer opportunities for VoIP applications, which until now have only worked over Wi-Fi.

This was one of the much awaited news from Apple since October 2009, since AT&T announced that it would allow VoIP apps over 3G.Quite a few popular VoIP application developers like the iCall and Fring have already announced their support for VoIP. This is in fact a priority as allowing VoIP over 3G will set the stage for increased innovation in the VoIP arena, and also more experimentation with video chatting.

The Edge VoIP can Give to the iPhone

The reaction of the VoIP developers is understandable considering the fact that an update to the iPhone SDK will finally allows application developers to build this capability into their programs. Effectively, this will allow iPhone users like you to drop their unlimited voice plans and opt for a combination of data and voice for calls. Most users are elated as they can now find a way to save big on their monthly cell phone bill using VoIP calling.

iCall - the first app to use this capability (now available in the iPhone’s App Store) reveals that with this new announcement with the iPhone, it will not only let you make VoIP calls, but also offer a way to switch cellular calls to VoIP. The free app allows you set free five-minute telephone calls to the United States and Canada. For $10 per month, users can get unlimited calling to those countries and pay-as-you-go international rates.

VoIP calls over 3G would use no voice minutes, only data. So, when you sign up for the monthly plan, users will get a new phone number in the area code of their choice. However, they might still show their existing number on caller ID.

Sharing this sentiment, web communication aggregator Fring reveals that users can now video chat over 3G as well. As experts believe, video chatting is going to become more and more significant in mobile devices over the next few years and Apple for sure will be taking that into account by dropping 3G restrictions.

Limitation: The only limitation is that since VoIP services are not allowed to use the iPhone’s dialer and calling system, incoming VoIP calls appear as push notifications (as if you got a text message), rather than a full-blown ring. With iCall however, you can also switch incoming voice calls over to VoIP after you’ve answered the phone. These methods will certainly allow people to cut down on voice minutes in exchange for a cheap VoIP plan


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