Finally the much in-demand version of Skype for iPhone which supports 3G calling is soon to be released. In a latest blog post, the company has divulged that this update has been done of the SDK (Software Development Kit) which Apple provides to developers like Skype for the iPad.

With the release of the iPhone OS 3.2 for the iPad, restrictions on calling over a 3G network have been removed, paving the way for Skype to integrate the much requested feature into their app. This will allow iPhone users to now make calls in wideband audio, giving you greater clarity and fidelity – because that’s what is expected from Skype.

Here is a video announcing Skype's new update:

What took so long to introduce Skype calling over 3G…..

Earlier, 3G calling over VoIP has been banned because of an agreement between AT&T and Apple, with AT&T’s network unable to support the heavy data traffic. Then, iPhone users have only been able to make VoIP calls over WiFi. However, it will no longer be the case now.

Further, the Skype team optimistically reveals that they might soon come up with Skype for iPad, as they have already started reviewing the device and its specs.

Video-chat facility for Skype on iPhone – next in line?

Video-chat facility for Skype on iPhone is another expected feature amongst iPhone users. Peter Parkes, the social media communications lead at Skype, has until now not given any specific on any time-line or assurances regarding video chat.

However, he has hinted that Skype will look to develop video-capable apps wherever devices can support video calls. Parkes stressed on the fact that the main focus for Skype will be on a great user experience.


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