It becomes interesting and also distracts our attention with the newest and latest update from Iphone games. So it's my job to deliver every update from mobile games industry news. You may know that Iphone newest gadget, Iphone 3G had been released few days ago. And it's argued that there will be big enhancement with their newest software engine especially with their gaming compability that will allow game publishers for landing much more quality games in the terms of graphical capability. And that must be a sign that they are completely serious for making Iphone as a next gen gaming device but phones basic function aswell.

Anyway, a new series from the most anticipated racing mobile game, Asphalt, is stepping their foot to the newest series, Asphalt 5. Although their previous one, Asphalt 4 didnt do well in some aspects, let say, in graphical and gameplay enhancement, Gameloft is confident that they will bring a real fresh air, because their pride title is made for Iphone, which has all the aspect for gaming.

Gameloft promised us a "console quality" racer, with dynamic lighting and a super-smooth framerate. And in this game, you will be able to choose your own music while driving. And last but not least, Racing around Asphalt 5's tracks in 27 different licensed cars and four motorbikes


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