Seems it’s the season for iPhone updates! It has been quite a while since the iPhone OS has been updated and following closely the release of the iPad and announcements of VoIP for 3G and Skype update comes the news of the iPhone OS newest version, the iPhone OS 3.1.3.

The iPhone 3.1.3 OS is available for all iPhone versions and is also compatible with all iPod Touch versions. Although there isn’t much concrete content to go with this new update, Apple assures that it will definitely look into fixing the occasional bugs and errors that accompanies every single update – and might come along with iPhone 3.1.3 OS too.

Apple also stated that the updated iPhone 3.1.3 OS will offer enhanced accuracy for battery level reports on the iPhone 3GS and repair problems that some Third Party Apps have had launching. It also fixes a problem that has been going on with the iPhone not working properly with the Japanese Kana keyboard


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