Did you all realize that video games industry is progressing from a "macrosize" into "microsize", from console to handheld gaming. And now Iphone has taken the lead to be the next future and modern handheld platform. Iphone has all what it takes to kick some other handheld ass. But in this post i am not gonna talk about Iphone, because i always mentioned how i was mesmerised with this touchscreen cellular.
You all java game freaks might remember that in a past few years, java games became huge in mobile games market. They are small in size but has a large impact in mobile game progression history. It reminds me when i first met with Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, developed by Gameloft. I was shocked with this game. When i moved the character Sam Fisher, "WOW", it was my first word that came out from my mouth, i was suprissed to see how smooth Sam Fisher walks and runs. The backround is terrific. Gameplay, set the bar really-really high. Enough said, this game is masterpiece.
And after that, other great titles was coming out. Real football 2004 until Real football 2009 series has become the most awaited titles every year. From java version to the symbian using 3D engine. The publisher ,Gameloft has taken this industry really serious, and now what they "planted" over the past few years has "grown" and "harvest" really massive and it brings them to the top leader of mobile games industry. The way they market and sell their game is just brilliant. They make money but they always doing a divercification or inovation with their game, so their fans will stay loyal and they keep expanding the market.

And recently, they try their luck with expanding their market with Iphone platform. Last i heard, Terminator Salvation is on the verge of the release date while in the same time other developer, EA, FISHLABS has joined the competition to add the Iphone's library collection of games.


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