Have you ever wished about writing on the iPhone touchscreen with your finger when you need to jot down something quickly, instead of using the iPhone keyboard? Well, that’s not a myth anymore. VisiCalc creator Dan Bricklin, who also made your life easier with his invention of the spreadsheet has forayed into mobile development and released his first iPhone application - Note Taker.

Note Taker App allows you to write notes with your fingertip rather than using the iPhone keyboard. It’s more like using the tip of your finger on your touchscreen to jot down quick notes, just as using a pen on an index card.The full version of Note Taker is $1.99 in the iTunes Store and Note Taker Lite is free (with a four-page limit).

How it works

Note Taker application utilizes some ingenious interface mechanisms that make writing long sentences easier for you across the iPhone touchscreen. For instance, it doesn’t require swiping, and scrolls right while you jot. Apart from that it shrinks your words to a legible version for reading while you write. It has to be noted that Note Taker doesn't do text recognition; however, you can transcribe jotted notes using the keyboard.

This app is just the right one for all of you who like to sketch, mind-map, or list without fat-fingering small keys. Here you can write just the way you normally would on a notepad. However, many users with awful handwriting or those who are comfortable typing on the iPhone keyboard may not be comfortable using it. The full version of Note Taker is $1.99 in the iTunes Store and Note Taker Lite is free (with a four-page limit).

Dan Bricklin writes….

Dan Bricklin, the personal computing wizard who skillfully developed this new app, explains what motivated him to come up with Note Taker App even after being more than 30 years in the business. He confesses about working on learning a different medium and a different business environment over the last couple of months.

It all begun since mid-September, when he purchased a shiny new 24″ Apple iMac and an iPhone 3GS. Soon he signed up for the Apple iPhone Developer Program, bought a few books and started doing the tutorials. Soon he came up with the idea for an app – the Note Taker, which he personally felt he needed and built a prototype. Later, he started creating a full app that would prove to be useful for others too.

Dan submitted his completed Note Taker application for inclusion in the App Store a few days before Thanksgiving. And now, it has been approved and all set to storm the iPhone world. A word of caution though: Dan urges that once you are ready to try out the application, be prepared to work through the initial "Try It" mode. You can also view the working of the Note Taker app for iPhone in the screencast below:


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