Announcing that Kengin Consulting Inc., the developers of AmsterdamFUN, has launched a new application for iPhone and iPod touch users. The app offers a plethora of fun locations and activities for the visitor to Amsterdam, along with a sophisticated mapping feature to help tourists get to where they’re going without getting lost. Developers have included some fun elements for using the application, as well.

Amsterdam is a stunningly beautiful city, full of some of the world’s best sights, shopping, nightlife and food. To a visitor however, every street can look the same and it is easy to get lost while wandering around looking for an interesting location or activity. Thanks to Kengin Consulting’s new app, that no longer has to be a problem.

Kengin CEO, Jacob Kennedy, was prompted to develop AmsterdamFUN after his own visit to the city, “We fell in love with Amsterdam and were heading back there recently and thought we should download an app that would help us easily navigate to our favorite places. After searching the iTunes store, nothing was quite what we were looking for, so we decided to make our own.”


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