Just as Twitter evolved blogging into micro-blogging, Anttenna is today launching a free smartphone application that reinvents classified advertising as “microlistings”. Launching as an iPhone application, Anttenna delivers a real-time, location-aware and mobile consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer microlistings marketplace for the buying, selling, and bartering of goods and services. Today, Anttenna announced the application is now available in most major metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada, building on the success of pilots in San Diego, Seattle, and Austin.

“Anttenna is like a swap meet in your pocket,” said Marcus Wandell, Anttenna’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “This year more people will access the Internet on their phones than they will on computers, and smartphones are influencing the very fabric of the Internet with portability, geo-positioning and mobile applications. With the exception of posting ads online and making them searchable, classified ads haven’t really evolved all that much since they were introduced 300 years ago; certainly not to the point of harnessing this technology revolution that will see billions of smartphones in use around the world in just a couple of years. Anttenna fully leverages the smartphone platforms and new communications standards to give people a whole new way to use classified advertising. Anttenna delivers a constant stream of hyper-local, real-time listings, always relevant given the moment and location in which they are seen.


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