Boy Genius Report claims to have received word that AT&T is preparing to roll out large in-store displays for a new product, presumed to be the next-generation iPhone.

According to them, AT&T has started to send engineers out to corporate store locations to try and plan / start setting up a "new kind of display." We're told that this is most likely a new iPhone display as there isn't anything else that's dedicated to a single device that would require the resources this display will.

Boy Genius Report has long kept its ear to the ground for rumors coming out of AT&T and other wireless carriers and has in the past reported blocks on AT&T employee vacations during iPhone launch windows and reported just last week that the carrier had confirmed to its employees that the next iPhone will be launching in June.


  1. iLounge has put together a summary of recent information it has received regarding Apple's plans for the next generation of its iOS devices. Among the claims are a set of revised iPod devices possibly including a touch screen iPod shuffle, a new 7" iPad set for launch early next year at the latest, and a fifth-generation iPhone release scheduled for as soon as January.

  2. Stores Says:
  3. The report also addresses the iPhone 4 bumpers, with claims that Apple may be preparing to release a new, all-silicone bumper for the iPhone 4 that would provide the company with a cheaper solution to address the device's antenna issues. The report's source also claims that Apple considered shipping the iPhone 4 with bumpers from the very beginning, implying that the company was aware of a potential antenna issue.


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