Finding the most competitive prices on new and used textbooks and ebooks is now just a ‘touch’ away. Book$Price, a new, free iPhone application developed by Direct Textbook, a leading textbook comparison site, is now available for download. The application facilitates the search of more than 200 online bookstores for price, availability and more.

“Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Apple brand among college students and the anticipated use of the iPad by many colleges and universities, we decided to create an application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users,” said Chris Lindgren, president. “The beginning of the school term is often a hectic time for students, parents and staff. The Book$Price application makes it easy to comparison shop for textbooks from virtually anywhere, and ensure that you’re getting the best price on books.”

Since 2002, Direct Textbook has helped make the process of finding the best prices on new and used textbooks, and most recently, ebooks easy and hassle-free. The site has gained popularity due to a number of factors, including the rise in textbooks and overall costs associated with secondary education, the recession’s impact on household budgets and the site’s commitment to continually expanding and tailoring its offerings to meet the needs of site visitors.


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