Viaden Mobile, a leading developer of applications for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, today is pleased to announce the release of a professional All-In Fitness Pedometer application in order to satisfy the needs of the growing iPhone users community. All-in Fitness Pedometer 1.0 combines the functions of a hardware pedometer with a bunch of additional fitness and social options ensured by its digital format – so old devices can go to rest right down the drain.

Viaden Mobile declares that All-In Fitness Pedometer takes a scientific approach to fitness. It boasts a high-precision step-counting algorithm, just like the one used in hardware pedometers. Thanks to this the pedometer can be calibrated, according to a user’s personal parameters, to recognize walking, running and jogging steps and work in different modes.

Viaden Mobile’s All-In Fitness Pedometer not only counts steps, measures pace, speed, covered distance and burned calories, but also includes a Share option and a music player. All-In Fitness Pedometer allows fitness enthusiasts to share their fitness achievements with the world via the popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter. It carefully stores the exercise and body data as progress reports that can be sent to a user’s e-mail and processed as charts. The music player in Viaden Mobile’s pedometer guarantees extra motivation during fitness sessions. There is also a possibility to set a daily fitness goal and track its achievement.


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