Mac-Chi is proud to announce two iPhone apps: WhoPaste and WhoP-G. WhoPaste creates records in Apple’s Contact app, which runs on the iPhone. WhoP-G creates records in Google’s Contacts application, which runs in the cloud. iPhone users can copy text from any application and then launch either WhoPaste or WhoP-G both of which recognize company names, job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, urls, and postal addresses. The new contact is previewed allowing for editing any of the information.

When combined with the innovative Dragon Dictation app from Nuance Communications, both WhoPaste and WhoP-G allow iPhone users to create contacts by simply speaking the information. The Dragon Dictation app transcribes the user’s speech into text that can be put on the clipboard where WhoPaste can automatically extract the various data elements and create the contact record.

Both iPhone products are built from Mac-Chi’s desktop application. “Apple’s developer tools made this transition from desktop to mobile just plain painless.” explains Steve Cronin, CEO of Mac-Chi. “Basically we were able to button up the application logic from our Mac product and wrap it in an iPhone interface. Aside from supporting the initial mobile development, Apple’s unified approach allows us to move forward with a centralized application core. So now any improvements automatically flow to both the desktop and the mobile applications.”


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