Mythical Mango today is pleased to introduce Out of Pocket 1.0, their expense tracker app for the iPhone. Designed to simplify entry and management of business expenses, the app features photo-capture of receipts and two-way syncing with the popular FreeAgent online accounting application. Mileage and recurring expenses are supported. All records are fully searchable and data may be exported in CSV or HTML files.

The app opens with a scrollable listing of expenses already entered, allowing quick viewing and editing of an existing expense by simply tapping an entry. A powerful search is integrated into the expenses list, giving a fast and simple way of creating an ad-hoc expense report that can be easily exported as a standard CSV file. Viewing an existing expense shows the complete, original record of the expense including any optional data and photo-captured receipt, all of which can be emailed as an HTML formatted record.

Entering a new expense is fast and easy. The process has been streamlined to require the minimum amount of data entry. Simply tap in an amount and description and select from one of the pre-defined expense types. For commonly entered expenses, Out of Pocket will auto-complete the description and type. Both monetary and mileage expenses can be entered, including a range of optional information such as receipt reference, mileage rate and recurrence details.


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