Selznick Scientific Software, LLC today is pleased to announce the release of PasswordWallet 4.5, a major update to their best-selling Macintosh and iPhone password management solution. The app now allows the user to automatically sync all passwords between their Mac, iPhone and MobileMe accounts, as well as their Windows (now in public beta), Android, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre devices.

Version 4.5 for the iPhone brings encrypted exports and the industry’s first Backup and Restore functionality that requires no special software, not even iTunes. Simple and secure, PasswordWallet encrypts and data information all in one convenient location: passwords, usernames, PIN numbers, combinations, personal notes and more.

PasswordWallet makes it easy for users to lock and unlock all of their passwords with a single master password. They can even save web addresses, and PasswordWallet will launch the default browser automatically. The application’s auto-typing feature fills in the required user name and password, allowing users to quickly login to any previously visited website. Auto-typing is system-wide, so it works anywhere: web forms, web pages and software registration screens. Usernames or passwords which are copied to the clipboard are cleared automatically after they are pasted.


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