Announcing that Dracoders, the developer of Racing Mania, has launched a new game for users who are passionate about car racing. The application is new to iTunes but already revving up to be a strong contender for first place in its category. Racing Mania puts users behind the wheel of their own micro machine built for speed. Gameplay is thrilling, using professionally composed background music for an extra adrenalin rush on any of the fifteen track challenges. Three levels of difficulty, a shop and Bluetooth technology complete this most exciting of race apps.

Racing Mania is the closest thing a user can get to a real, ultimate race driver experience. Offering a personalized experience, the app lets players choose form a selection of ten cars, all of which have been modelled after 3D renderings for a more realistic feel.

In addition to vehicle selection, Racing Mania allows users to decide which of the fifteen tracks they want to tackle. There are five of each in three categories – dig-up, city and futuristic. Each track is accompanied by music to pump up the adrenalin. The tunes have been composer by veteran race app musician, Simone Cicconi. Users will appreciate this extra attention paid to ensure a fully engaging, excitement enhanced experience.


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