Announcing that Demansol, the developers of Treasure Hunt: The Ultimate Memory Game, has launched their newest product offering. The application is actually a memory puzzle, which users must solve in order to win the game. Players are challenged to remember where objects are in a scene before that scene changes and they must search to find hidden coins in the objects that have been moved. The app’s amazing graphics are a treat for the eyes to enjoy while engaging in the game improves memory.

The object of Treasure Hunt is simple: locate hidden treasure. There are a variety of beautifully illustrated places to search throughout the twenty-five levels of gameplay.

Treasure Hunt, as the name says, is the ultimate memory game. Very quickly, the searching becomes addictive and users who play regularly will notice an improvement where their memory is concerned. A player’s observation skills are also sharpened as they repeatedly take note of original objects and locations, before the screen changes and all are hidden.


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