Most iPhone magic apps use unsatisfying virtual playing cards, but Renditions Design’s “Magic Card” uses a real deck of cards and the iPhone’s camera to create the convincing illusion that Apple’s amazing device came with the power to see through cards. Although popular with professional magicians, the clever secret is actually easy enough for anyone to do on their first try. This week Magic Card was completely re-written to incorporate the latest iPhone OS improvements, and the price was lowered to $2.99 for a short time.

Company founder Dylan Malone, who has studied magic since childhood, saw the iPhone as the perfect magic gadget from the instant it was unveiled. Now Apple seems to have caught on. “Apple markets their newest iPhone OS device as, ‘a magical and revolutionary product,’ and I couldn’t agree more,” said Malone with a smile. “But they did need a few good magic apps to make these products as magical as the tagline.”

What the trick looks like: A spectator chooses a card and places it face down on the table. They pick the iPhone up, wake it from sleep, and launch the camera app. Then the performer, explaining that the iPhone seems to be able to do almost anything, snaps a picture of the back of the card and shows it around. Finally, they start to slowly shake the phone until suddenly the spectator realizes that their card is now face up in the photo, revealing their choice!


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