Nicolas Seriot and Anton Anton today are pleased to announce the release of TweetyShow 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. TweetyShow shows photos posted on Twitter in real time. iPhone users can scroll through an endless grid of photos coming live from the Twitter-sphere. The result is a strange, addictive and poetic experience. Whereas Twitter communication is traditionally text only, Twitter users frequently post links to photos, using services like Twitpic or Yfrog. TweetyShow’s goal is to put these photos in the spotlight.

TweetyShow has nothing to do with traditional Twitter clients. Indeed, it does not even require a Twitter account, or any kind of registration. People can download TweetyShow and start watching a continuous stream of photos right away. When people using TweetyShow particularly like a photo, they can save it to their iPhone photo library, or send it by email to a friend. They can also display all the photos of any Twitter user, or search by name for a Twitter user they know.


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