The special event Apple has scheduled for January 27 may be more than just a showing-off of Apple’s new tablet, according to industry sources. It also could be the launch of version 4.0 of the iPhone operating system and the Software Development Kit (SDK) to accompany it.

The SDK will reportedly contain tools to assist developers in converting existing applications for the tablet. This could also make a higher-resolution iPhone possible in the future.

Mac4Ever – the site originally reporting these rumors – is not entirely confident that the new version of the OS will arrive as expected. Still, the site has published some very accurate rumors recently, including information about the iMac that proved to be accurate a month later when the updated iMac was released. The site also contains a rumor that says the tablet will be very different than the many conceptions floating around the internet.

Evidence of a fourth generation iPhone and updated operating system have also appeared in App Store analytics data.


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