“No more shall we be subjected to the absurd and confining business ideology of the tyrants in Cupertino,” cried Mark Murdoch, head developer of the app iTonesPASS. After repeated rejections by the review team that rules the App Store, the developers at iTonesPASS have declared an all out war against Apple. The not so secret method of getting around the behavior of Apple is the web app.

iTonesPASS is the newest player on the app scene and promises to forever change Apple’s rules and guidelines. Using the web app approach, iTonesPASS has been able to escape the strict guidelines that are set by Apple. “We plan on providing iPhone users with free access to over 3 million MP3 quality ringtones. If Apple does not want to share in this new and exciting venture, that is their loss,” said Boris Pollack, head of media content at iTonesPASS.

iTonesPASS offers ringtones of the latest Billboard 200 hits, as well as all of the classic favorites that are still desired by iPhone users everywhere. Offering over 3 million MP3 ringtones at no cost is sure to change the way iPhone consumers use ringtones on their handsets. Apple is perhaps fearful that this new and exciting opportunity will impact the communist method with which they conduct business on iTunes. While Apple believes their approach of rejecting apps based on their own personal interests is the way to go, it does leave them at a distinct disadvantage when compared to more open platforms such as Android. In time, app providers with a more developer friendly environment that promotes creativity and freedom will certainly win.

iTonesPASS has promised that they will not submit in front of any mighty corporation, and certainly not one that frowns upon creativity and self expression. If Apple ever asks the developers at iTonesPASS why they refuse to accept the rules of the App Store, the response would most certainly be “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


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