The Apple rumor mill claims that work is underway todevelop a ‘world-mode’ iPhone capable of operating on both CDMA and GSM/UMTS networks. World mode. Rumors also persist that Verizon will begin to carry the iPhone in 2010. All of these rumors suggest that the AT&T honeymoon with the iPhone is nearing an end.

A ‘wordl-mode’ iPhone could signal the end of exclusivity and be bad news for AT&TThese are just rumors at this point, but when a rumor is both pervasive and tenacious there is usually a reason. That gives AT&T some reason to be concerned. Without iPhone exclusivity, what does AT&T bring to the table that would entice customers to switch to, or stick with the wireless provider?

I think it’s about time that they expand to different networks so the consumer has more choice.

via NetworkWorld


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