Monster, a leading manufacturer of advanced consumer electronics accessories, is helping lead the way in the fast-growing Apple mobile accessories category with a comprehensive line of innovative products geared toward Apple® iPod® and iPhone™ users. Notably, the company is bringing new meaning to the term “freedom of the open road” with its cutting-edge iPod and iPhone accessories for automobile use, including the new iCarCharger™ 800 (SRP: $29.95), an innovative two-in-one charging device.

New at CES 2010: iCarCharger™ 800 – Innovative Dual Charging Device
Drivers seeking to charge multiple mobile devices while on-the-go are often frustrated by the lack of charging outlets in their vehicle. The new Monster iCarCharger is an easy-to-use, two-in-one charger that solves this problem with an additional in-line USB plug for simultaneous charging of USB-powered devices. Drivers can now charge their iPod or iPhone and also connect another device such as a cellphone, Bluetooth headset, PDA, or even a second iPod with the device’s included USB charging cable. Featuring an easy-to-read power status LED display, the iCarCharger 800 is a heavy-duty unit with 1A current output for power-hungry devices, with 24K gold charging contacts for total reliability. Note: the iCarCharger 800, like Monster’s iCarPlay Wireless 800 and iCarCharger 1000 (see below) are all Works with iPhone certified products for iPhone and iPhone 3G.


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