It seems businesspeople are an unforgiving bunch.  Just because Microsoft released windows vista before it was finished and with limited driver support for their office machines, the majority of corporates have stuck with windows XP as as their desktop operating system.

Windows Vista on just 12% of corporate desktops!

Windows vista today is actually a better OS than when it was released around 18 months ago, but it accounts for just 12% of corporate desktop operating systems; with windows XP enjoying a huge 86% share.  Vista’s share of the market seems even worse, when you consider how many desktop PC’s were bought in the last year and a half, with a version of vista pre-installed!

From Windows XP to Windows 7

These figures, from Forrester Research, suggest that many organisations will leapfrog windows vista completely and go straight from windows XP to Windows 7 (which went RTM yesterday.)
Ironically, those corporates that have already upgraded to vista, will find that the transition to windows 7 is easier from vista, than it is from XP.  The driver issues still associated with vista are largely bogus now and compatibility between vista and windows 7 is already very good.

What about OS X then?

Mac OS X is now on 3.6 of business desktops; up from 2.7% last year.

on Monday, October 19, 2009


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