Excellent iPhone sales have helped Apple to beat financial forecasts. Apple’s net profits hit $1.23billion in the third financial quarter (to 27th June) up from $1.07billion for the same period last year.  It’s worth noting here that last year’s numbers were pretty good too, making this announcement even more impressive.
However, there’s one statistic that’s been almost overlooked by many, who have covered this story!

Apple Mac sales up too – not that you would notice though

Most of the news coverage surrounding these impressive figures are focused on how well the iPhone range is doing.  However, Mac sales have also increased by 4% on the same period last year.
appleAs we reported recently, PC sales dropped by around 5%  last year.  The primary reason given for this drop in sales has been the recession; yet Macs are typically more expensive to buy than similar spec PC’s.  This would suggest that once again, Apple’s ability to design, market and deliver computers that inspire the market is what’s leading their recession-busting performance.

Apple iPod sales down

The only area where sales were down, was with Apple’s iPod range. However, with over 5 million iPhone’s sold last month, it’s probably fair to assume that many iPhone users are now using their iPhone as their primary portable media player too.  This would have an impact on sales.
Overall, it seems 2009 is going to be a great year for Apple Inc. As well as these sales figures, Steve Jobs is back at the helm and there are growing rumours that an Apple Tablet computer will hit the market later this year too.

on Tuesday, October 20, 2009
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