Currently the countries the iPhone is available (officialy) are US, UK, France and Germany. Advantages of having the iPhone officialy in your country are obvious: smaller price, 2 years warranty, firmware updates, better data plans and such, so it's easy to understand that most iPhone fans around the world wish that Apple choses their contry to be the next one where iPhone will be available.

As you see we've chosen the "iPhone in Canada" picture to ilustrate this article and that's for the main reason that Canada was the most expected (and speculated) country to enter the iPhone world. They were at least five moments when the immediate launch of the iPhone in Canada was rumored, yet none of them came true. Why? Why wasn't the iPhone released in Canada yet? Only Apple knows, but it's most probably related to the "revenue sharing" contract with the carriers. I am sure negotiations are in progress and we will see the iPhone in Canada soon, since it's such a big market for Apple to miss.

iPhone in Spain
Now going back to our title, let's see why we think it is likely for the iPhone to be released in Spain soon. And this is like ninety percent sure (althought they were rumors of the iPhone in Spain back in September). It's because of this article: iPhone in Spain from Spanish newspaper El Periodico.

For those of you who don't understand Spanish, here's the translated article (might be some errors tho, since my Spanish is a bit rusty):

The long-awaited third-generation iPhone will finally arrive in the summer for the whole world, and Telefonica will bring it exclusively in Spain from July. The company president, Cesar Alierta, will make the announcement during the World Congress Mobile, the new name of the 3GSM fair (which begins next February 11 in Barcelona), according to confirmed industry sources.
The operator also announced that it will bring the iPhone to Italy, where it owns 10% of Telecom Italia. The new mobile phone will also launch simultaneously in the United States, where AT&T is starting to provide coverage and will be compatible with UMTS networks Edge (advanced version of GPRS), which the current version uses.
The launch of the iPhone is expected in Spain as a great event, which will include a visit from Steve Jobs to Madrid, the first to be undertaken by the founder of Apple to Spain. Telefonica wants to give more visibility to the inauguration of a shop in the former corporate headquarters of the company in Madrid's Gran Vía.
The Spanish iPhone - will be exclusive but will not have marked the logo of Telefonica - integrated into its menu direct access to emotion, Telefonica's mobile portal. In February, Apple will release a software development kit, and Telefonica could create applications for users to download on the mobile phone.
Apple has sold four million phones at it's mark in 200 days campaign, which included the first units of Britain, Germany and France.

As you can see the article also refers to the second generation iPhone, with 3G, and states that AT&T prepares the network for it's launch in July 2008.

iPhone in Italy

As you must've noticed in the Spanish article, Telefonica also intends to introduce the iPhone in Italy, since it owns ten percent of Telecom Italia Mobile (or TIM, the largest carier in Italy). This comes to confirm Macity's claim of finding carrier bundle titled “TIM_Italy.bundle.” embed in firmware 1.1.3 update. And the whole picture makes sense since Italy is one of the largest European mobile users comunities.

iPhone in Switzerland

Another newspaper, this time "Le Temps" brings the news that iPhone will be released in Switzerland, with Swisscom, largest Swiss carier (63% market share). The launch date is also in February (on Feb 29 to be precise, but it's still a rumor. And yes, in 2008 February has 29 days). This somehow contradicts Carsten Schloter, head of Swisscom, which recently declared that his network will not accept an EDGE iPhone. So, either they changed their mind or they will just anounce it in February and will start delivering the phones in July, when the second gen, 3G iPhone will be released.

Also a translated version of the article:

The news is confirmed. Swisscom is really going to commercialize the iPhone Switzerland in late February, said Monday an internal source to the correspondent of "Le Temps" in Zurich. For several days, German and Swiss German-speaking blog specialists suggested February 29 as the date for launching the Apple iPhone in Switzerland. That date now seems quite credible.

The choice of Swisscom would not be a surprise. With 63% market share, with its network of shops already iPod and Mac, the operator is well positioned. Remains to be seen what iPhone will be launched. The current version marketed in France, England, Germany and the United States is not able to connect to telephone networks fast, UMTS and HSDPA. Swisscom would not agree to sell such a version, as Carsten Schloter, head of Swisscom, implied recently in "Le Temps". Apple Will there be time to launch a new version by the end of February?

There is also evidence, according to some blogs, that Swisscom wants to give the iPhone a special TV chip. The operator would also like the iPhone equipped with a logo Swisscom, but Apple refused.

With Sunrise subscription!

Meanwhile, Pascal Mastrocola sells in his store Telecroset of Renens, several dozen iPhone per week. And with a subscription Sunrise 24 months to 75 francs monthly, for 599 francs, instead of 999 francs without subscription. "Customers can choose another operator for a monthly correspondent," he says. I reduce myself the price of the phone with the commission paid by the operators. Pascal Mastrocola also explains that Sunrise has also argued for the release of its advertisements.

That being said only time will tell if theese rumors are true. 


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