If you are the owner of an iPhone or iPod touch and would like to download an app or two onto your device today, but don’t know which one, maybe we can help. We’ve picked out three of the most recent apps added to the iTunes App Store. They’re all free to download and install, as long as you have an iTunes account.

Sirius XM

Confirmed as downloaded over a million times, Sirius XM lets you listen to exclusive music with dedicated artist channels, live performances, and music covering every genre right on your device, anywhere you are. As a Sirius or XM subscriber, streaming to your iPhone and iPod touch is free with your Premium Sirius Internet Radio or Premium XM Radio Online subscription.

To start listening, simply type your Premium Online Username and Password into the application. Although the application is free to download and install on your device, Sirius XM does require a paid subscription.

Download Sirius XM via iTunes (Free)


Using innovative speech-recognition technology, Vlingo lets iPhone users dial their contacts, search the Web, look up numbers and maps for local listings, and send status updates for Facebook and Twitter – all with the power of voice, according to the developer with the same name. Users do not need to change how they speak, or to memorize a list of commands, as the application captures the results word for word. With more features to be added in the following months, Vlingo currently offers the following benefits:

- Initiate calls to anyone in one's address book.
- Search for anything through Yahoo! or Google.
- Look up and map local listings.
- Update one's Facebook and Twitter status updates without typing.

Download Vlingo via iTunes (Free)

Travel Diary

Travel Diary works to your benefit, as it allows you to take a picture and immediately save it with details including location, the time it was taken and even comments. Instead of using the iPhone's camera application, simply fire up Travel Diary and take your pictures.

The app also allows you to browse through your pictures either from an interactive list or in full-screen mode. Since it uses your device’s camera, the app is not supported on the iPod touch.


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