According to a report from The NPD Group the US phone sales increased in 2007 to a total number of 146 million units. With 3.7 million iPhones delivered in that period Apple is positioned on sixth place, with a 2.5% share of the market.

Out of all phones 12% where smartphones, almost double than the previous year. And the iPhone is one of the best selling smartphones, with 19.1% of the market, despite it's been released mid year.

Here are the numbers:
Total phone sales in US in 2007: 146 million

1. Motorola - 32%
2. Samsung - 17%
3. LG - 16%
4. Nokia - 10%
5. Sanyo - 4%
6. Apple - 2.5%

But you must consider that the iPhone, released at the end of June, was on the market for only half of 2007. So in a full year on the market the results would've been alot better.


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