You though your iPhone wasn't smart enough? Well, you should see it acting as a remote control. This little device, still acting like a dock, succeeds in charging your iPhone and also allowing it to "communicate" with other devices. They just have to receive standard (infrared) signals.

How does it work? It's not so difficult. First of all, you have to download from iTunes the RedEye application (for free). Once you done that, you can communicate with the device over Wi-Fi. The RedEye will send infrared signals to control your equipment. After doing that, your presence is no longer necessary in the same room as the equipment. Unlike other simple remotes, this one supports the connection to the internet.

You found it hard to do that? You just need two pieces: an iPhone application and a hardware device. And, you will be able to control TVs, cable boxes, DVD players and much more devices. It works with all iPhone generations and iPod Touch, too.

If you find this gadget interesting enough to purchase it, we let you know it's $188 with free shipping and so the magic happens.
We are curious what will be next.


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