Fairlady Media today announces that their newest game, Spazzle Gold for iPhone and iPod touch, is now free on the App Store. The game was featured on 4/2/10 on Free App A Day and soared to the top of the charts with almost 20,000 downloads. The makers of the smash-hit Spazzle! have taken mole-whacking to a whole new level. Whack the sly moles, rabbits, and gophers before they destroy the prairies, vegetable gardens, and flower beds. Then use your skills to blast crazy disco-loving aliens in outer space! Be careful not to hit a cute fluffy kitty!

Spazzle Gold includes a simple tutorial to get you started. Then the fast-paced game requires you to tap and shake the device to deter the vermin while picking up point bonuses, time bonuses, mallets, and extra lives. Spazzle Gold includes unlockable themed worlds, Plus+ global leader boards and awards, player-controlled difficulty, and in-app purchases to extend your play with brand-new worlds. With awesome graphics, 13 music tracks, and funny sound effects, this will soon be your favorite game on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad!


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