Bliss Software Inc today is pleased to announce the availability of Lazy Diet, a great application featuring new approach to lose weight and always stay in a good shape. This application is based on subliminal effect of sound and it sends messages that get processed in our brain. After that our body starts to produce more energy and human growth hormone, ensuring muscles build-up. During this process people normally lose a lot of calories as our body consumes energy to increase muscles.

Lazy Diet features simple and intuitive design, the app is easy to grasp and has a sleek interface. Users can calculate BMI, listen to Pure Sound that comes bundled with the application or during the playback of their favorite tracks. In the latter case Pure Sound is mixed with the playlist so users enjoy their favorite music and take advantage of the app at the same time. ‘Daily Tips’ is a very useful feature giving you advice on how to lose weight. For those users who care about their privacy and security, a Pass code protection is implemented into the application.

Users who don’t have much time for hard and sometimes expensive workouts will find this app very handy. It’s intended to be used twice a day in the morning and evening. This application is a good addition to a regular diet and should be used no more than 2 hours a day. Lazy Diet is going to be a great companion for people on a diet.


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