Renowned Digital Artist and iPhone Developer are pleased to announce an update to their app, iCreated. The app creates a visual link between iPhone art and apps, with its “All Art Applications” feature now expanded to include mini-reviews and links to over 230 practical art and photography apps. This expanded feature is invaluable in this day and age of 200,000 apps, where our list of art / photo apps are culled from the thousands that exist in the iTunes store and are used and recommended by all our contributing iPhone artists.

Written up in ART News Magazine in December ‘09 as a resource for discovering the latest iPhone art, the iCreated Gallery, launched in June 2009 contains the finest work being done today by an international group of artists dedicated to making art on their iPhones and iPads. Updated daily with digital fine-art submissions, the gallery now contains over 250 works of art, created by 70 iPhone artists, viewable on the iPhone, the iPad, and on the web.

Each piece of iPhone art uploaded to this virtual gallery is linked to the apps that were used to create it, giving artists and art lovers the tools and understanding to create and deliver their own art to iCreated. The exhibited work in the gallery is also linked to the contributing artist’s web site or other personal web space, so that viewer can communicate with that artist directly and discover more of that artist’s creations.


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