Similar to the way trends in art and style evolve over time, the progression of Speck’s “Artsprojekt” line breaks new ground today with four new limited-edition Fitted Artsprojekt case designs for iPhone 3G and 3GS. As part of their unique collaboration, Speck and Artsprojekt are excited to unveil these original new pen and paint designs created by members of Artsprojekt’s international legion of artists.

Each motif is born as handcrafted artwork, faithfully reproduced on high-quality fabric, then fused seamlessly to Speck’s road-tested Fitted hard shell case. Art lovers and iPhone owners can then enjoy the opportunity to select their personal favorite from the unique and eclectic array of portable, protective eye-pleasers. The fabric-wrapped exterior increases in-hand comfort while the soft-touch coated, raised front bezel design helps protect the iPhone’s face and touch screen when placed face down.

Notably, this release includes Los Angeles local Jim Mahfood’s “Funky CES,” piece, which was created in real-time as part of a live painting exhibition at Speck’s 2010 CES booth, alongside fellow artist and Artsprojekt founder Andy Howell. After CES, Mahfood noted, “Creating in the moment can always be challenging, especially when the work is being turned into a finished product, but the vibe at CES was right, and my pal and partner-in-crime Andy Howell was there, so I managed to pull off something funky and fun that will make your iPhone very happy.” Check out Speck’s blog about Jim and Andy’s live art display.


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