Independent iPhone app developer, Emir F Samsuddin, announced today that AppliFX 1.3 (pronounced as “apply effects”) is available for sale in the Apple’s App Store. The app was created specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch platform, utilizing the touch interface.

There are many unique effects available in the app – such as the famous QuikSplash. Quiksplash is a revolutionary and probably the easiest color splashing filter. You just need to choose a color from your photo with one tap and that color and its nearest shades will be highlighted while the others are changed to black and white (grayscale). There is no need to draw on the photo like the other apps do. This filter is great and it is evident since iQuikSplash, the free version of AppliFX, is currently ranked at No.2 in the Top Free Photography apps listing.

The Sin filter creates the effects as seen in the Sin City movie. The Sakura, Snowy and Autumn filters change the appearance of trees into pinkish Sakura tree appearance, snow appearance, and tree with dried leaves appearance, respectively.


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